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A component that supports Data Migration between different environments. Allows for the selection of multiple entities in the migration process through a dynamic selection screen. The configuration of the migration is made by direct connection of databases or by Excel format.

Resolves potencial data inconsistency issues that may occur in direct migrations (related tables – foreign key, differences in the physical names of tables between different databases).

A solution that enables the process centralization of the management of executive committee meetings, including scheduling dates, notifying participants, registration and consulting of the agenda, documenting opinions and the submission of documents.

The BMS also keeps a record of the decision-making process in the form of meeting minutes, approved and “signed" by the stakeholders. Participants or other identified members are notified about the meeting orders, staying in the same document archive under conditions of restricted access.

Data Migration

Dashboard Developer

Our dashboard creation component is dynamically configurable and associated with the user profile.

This component allows the creation of reports from a SQL query, giving the user the ability to define the format (tabular, chart), the presentation (columns to view or chart type) and display order.

A component for audit the creation of records or changes in corporate applications. Supports a synchronous or asynchronous format, with automatic comparison between two complex objects.

Audit Register serves a fundamental role in the auditing process and staying compliant.

It solves the issue of presenting the value of the related entity instead of its key value. Allows a retrieval of information (API) for easy integration with other modules or applications.

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