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Backoffice Applications’ Migration in Joyn Group Shared Services

“We can’t have the system down for too long”

Three big challenges were handled simultaneously to reduce the time to deliver the new solutions and to make sure that the transition to the new version was painless for all stakeholders. The first one was to start deploying on a new instance of the OutSystems 10 platform the existing applications but without any data. This allowed the OS Dev Team to detect and document any breaking changes at the application level for the version upgrade. At the same time, the OutSystems Mobile Development Team started implementing the future applications that will be the main selling point to Joyn employees of the new system. The last challenge was how to move all historic data from the previous installation to the new one.

As Joyn F&A Backoffice applications are mission critical they could not be turned off too long for the changes to be executed. It was agreed that one day was the maximum unavailability time for the system, so all data migration execution had be executed under that time window and still leave time for the Q&A and UAT teams to validate that everything was correct at destination before general availability.

“This is the first migration process I see that executes flawlessly”

With the above assumptions DMM worked together with the other teams to make data migration a process during the transformations and not a stand-alone moment at the end of it. With that process fine-tuned, the migration executed in the agreed date in just three hours, effectively moving 4 GB of data from 200 entities with 1300 attributes without a single issue or post-migration manual tasks.

Achieving the same level of confidence with custom development or with an ETL tool would require two to three OutSystems experts and at least one month.

“We needed to start deploying new applications for mobile that were not compatible with the OutSystems environment we had installed. The ability to migrate all entity data in such a short time window was a critical success factor for choosing DMM in Joyn Group”

Sérgio Pereira, OutSystems Manager

MIGRATION WITH DMM vs TRADITIONAL MIGRATION (using DB scripting / custom ETL technology)
100x faster
50% cost savings

JOYN is an international IT group of top skilled Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing companies with over 20 years and high experience and knowledge on Banking, Insurance, Services and Public Sectors. Joyn Group holds a shared services team that is responsible for the F&A of all its companies. This F&A team leverages their services through the use of fourteen applications made with OutSystems technology, which handle information regarding Contracts, Vacations, Absences, Expenses, etc.

All these applications were installed and setup within an OutSystems version 8 environment. More recently Joyn Group’s C-Level made a bet on developing mobile applications to increase performance and productivity of the F&A team, by offloading some of the more time-consuming tasks to their employees. This caused the need to move all the applications with all the existing information to OutSystems version 10 in order to start mobile development on the new version of the platform.

“Our dev team is already leveraging OS10 capabilities”

When the data migration was removed from the concerns of the OutSystems Development Team, they started to focus on what was really important. With the gained time they were able to develop, almost at the same time the migration was completed, the new applications for the Joyn Employee base.

In addition to this, Joyn is studying further adoptions of the DMM platform and new ways to integrate data migration in their development process to improve their overall quality indicators.



3,91 GB

Volume of data migrated

204 tables, 1297 columns

Complexity of migration

3:08 hours

Total migration time


errors during or caused by migration

The TitleWith DMM, Joyn Group was able to:
  • Schedule and execute a data migration with minimal human intervention
  • Release developers from data migration task
  • Upgrade to OutSystems 10 platform in a timely way

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