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Infosistema is a service provider company and the owner of the domain infosistema.com, where it’s website is lodged. Infosistema uses cookies to improve the performance and user experience. We maintain the same standards of accuracy and transparency regarding the protection of privacy and personal data of our customers and users of the website. As such we have adopted this cookies policy. This policy indicates how cookies, pixel tags and other similar technologies are used, so we advise you to read them. We also advise you to read our Privacy Policy.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small information files that help you identify your browser and can store information. For example, User settings and preferences. With the exception of cookies specifically necessary for the performance of the website, the storage of other cookies will always depend on the acceptance and consent of the User, and such consent may be withdrawn at any time through specific browser tools.

2. How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to present your preferences, for example:

  • Cookies allow us to know if you have agreed (or not) with the use of cookies on the website;
  • Cookies allow us to identify you as a recurring User;
  • Cookies allow us to recover your personalized preferences when browsing.

3. Third parties' cookies

Some cookies may still be stored by third parties other than Infosistema. These third parties are service providers and, although Infosistema makes every effort to use only service providers who guarantee the appropriate use of technical and organizational measures, and comply with the requirements of the relevant data protection legislation, the User understands that Infosistema is not responsible for the content and accuracy of the privacy policies and cookies policies of these third parties. Point 6 contains a description of all the cookies used and, among them, those of third parties, and Point 7, has a description of all the pixel tags and other similar technologies used.

4. What are cookies for?

Infosistema will store cookies in your equipment in order to customize and improve navigation as well as troubleshooting, statistics, quality assurance, and to monitor the system security. You may at any time delete or block such cookies, and in doing so, some features of this website may not work as intended. Cookies are not used for any purpose other than those described here.

5. Types of cookies

Cookies in our website are used for different purposes, but, in general, their use can be divided into the following categories:

Cookies Strictly Required: Cookies that are essential for the provision of the website and for all requested services, but do not perform any additional or secondary functions;

Performance Cookies: These are the cookies that provide statistical information on the use of the website – web analytics.

6. Cookies that we use

Segmentation/Advertising Cookies

Third parties (.google.com)_gaThis cookie is used by Google to gather information to Google Analytics.

What are pixel tags and other similar technologies

Pixel Tags (also known as web beacons and clear GIFs) can be used in connection with some services to track the actions of service users (including email recipients), to measure the success of marketing campaigns, and compile statistics on the use of services and response rates.

7. Pixel tag and other similar technologies that we use

The following table explains how pixel tags and other similar technologies are used on this website.

HostOrigin URLParameters
maps.googleapis.comhttp://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/jskey, sensor, language, callback
maps.googleapis.comhttps://maps.googleapis.com/maps/vtpb, callback, token



callback, token

7.1. LinkedIn Conversion Tracking

We use LinkedIn Conversion Tracking, a retargeting tool from LinkedIn Ireland, Wilton Plaza, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, (“LinkedIn”). To this end, LinkedIn Insight Tag is integrated on Infosistema’s website, which allows LinkedIn to collect statistical and pseudonymised data about your visit and the use of our website, as well as to provide us with aggregate statistics on this basis. In addition, this information has the purpose to provide you with relevant and interesting specific offers and recommendations.

You can prevent the storage of cookies through a browser setting. Alternatively, you may object to this form of data processing by setting, via the following link, an opt-out cookie that remains on your device until you delete the cookies. This possibility exists for both LinkedIn members and non-members.

You can find more information on LinkedIn’s Privacy Policy.

8. Cookies control and management

At all times you will be able to control and/or eliminate cookies, and specially, you will be able to eliminate all cookies that are already stored in your equipment. You can even configure most of the browsers in order to prevent their storage. Before you can perform this management, however, you must manually adjust some preferences each time you visit certain websites, without which some services and features may not work. As an additional guarantee, you can at any time disable cookies by configuring your browser according to the instructions available at:

Google Chrome users:

Internet Explorer users:

Microsoft Edge users:

Mozilla Firefox users:

Apple Safari users:

9. Changes in the cookies policy

Infosistema reserves the right to readjust or amend this Policy at any time, and such changes will be advertised.

10. Our contact details

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Policy, please contact us by email: privacy@infosistema.com.

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