Insurance 2015 April 15th | Sana Malhoa Hotel, Lisbon


Infosistema and IDC promote the third edition of the event insurance, this year focused on the main topic “impact of distribution channels and concentrators in the insurance sector"

On the april 15th, Sana Malhoa hotel will host another edition of the insurance conference, this event whoose main focus is the trends analisys and evolution of the insurance sector

The Insurance sector has been facing huge challenges and difficulties according the distribution and sales channels. The competition between internal channels from mediators and agencies and direct sales (by Internet) and the impact of “concentrators” in trade and distribution processes has been increasing significantly the complexity of commercial and distribution processes, being a reality in other neighboring countries.

In order to ensure a better adoption of the necessary changes to business processes and technological innovations, some dimensions have been gaining a lot of relevance, such as business models and placing the offer, technology management models (IT Governance), or alignment of investments with business development strategies in organizations.




    • AXIS

      Francisco Ruiz

      Next Generation OPerational Models

    • Insurance Conference 2015

      José Luis Cortina

      Quem serão os próximos líderes do setor de Seguros?

    • ORACLE

      Edgar Ivo

      The Digital Challenge

      Insurance Conference 2015 - The digital challenge


      Sandra Moás

      Tendências do Setor Segurador 2015

    • Insurance Conference 2015

      Marcelo Abreu

      Omnicanalidade e visão de cliente

    • Insurance Conference 2015

      Jorge Conceição

      Novas Oportunidades na Distribuição

    • Insurance Conference 2015

      Manuel Leiria

      From no relationships and profits to continuous building relationships and profits

    • Insurance Conference 2015

      Timóteo Figueiró

      Tendências Tecnológicas no Sector segurador

    • Insurance Conference 2015

      Diogo Santos Franco

      Internet of Things

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Insurance Conference
Insurance Conference


  • 08:45

    Welcoming of participants
  • 09:10

    Opening session – Presentation of Agenda

    Jorge Pereira – CEO & Partner, Infosistema

    Timóteo Figueiró – Research & Consulting Manager, IDC Portugal

  • 09:25

    IDC Presentation – Study on Technology trends in the insurance sector

    Timóteo Figueiró – Research & Consulting Manager, IDC Portugal

  • 09:55

    Increasing the value for the insurance client by managing their experiences

    Manuel Leiria – Marketing Studies and Projects