Chairman Gonçalo Caeiro on OutSystems’ Components

August 5, 2019

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On OutSystems’ Components

During our 15 years’ experience with OutSystems we do have our share of projects to say the least. Of all sorts: small, medium and large , critical and non critical, department limited or corporate transformational.

But with all of them we have learned something or were presented a challenge

Also, we started to identify patterns of similar situations which led to an internal discussion: maybe some scenarios could or should be replicated…

As OutSystems continued to grow, those scenarios also expanded. That’s when we, at Infosistema, discussed why didn’t we start to productize on top of OutSystems those scenarios that we were catching in our own projects and also helping out the entire community.

And the idea of OutSystems components was born. The components like Infosistema DMM or Audit Register were born by specific internal needs. But, as we started making the tool available for OutSystems customers and also partners much like us, the scenarios matured rapidly.

Leveraging our knowledge of OutSystems we are building powerful accelerators, taking full advantage of Infosistema’s extensive knowledge in other technologies and processes experience.

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