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Portmaster Data Migration at Hampton Roads Shipping Association

The employees can log in and view their information and assigned shifts. They also receive notifications, by email or SMS, whenever a shift is delivered to them with full details of the assignment.

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Backoffice Applications’ Migration in Joyn Group Shared Services

Three big challenges were handled simultaneously to reduce the time to deliver the new solutions and to make sure that the transition to the new version was painless for all stakeholders.


Blockchain… a promising tool to improve process optimization, control and transparency

Blockchain is a math-based process that allows you to create an “anything digital” record by keeping it in a sequence or history in an inviolable way.

Corporate IT

Infosistema implements Auto Insurance Sales Process integrating Banking and Insurance

The objective was to increase the billing of both entities involved, through the integration of a simulator of the Insurer within a banking platform.

Improving the Planning Process of Stock Trading

Need to streamline the communication and coordination of the Bank with its commercial network of managers, improving its ability of setting goals and achieving them.


Collaborative Portal and Document Management

Infosistema implemented a solution that enabled SOPOL to manage documents associated with, Quality certification, with document version control.


Apple Swift won’t be Swift

Apple Swift won’t be Swift – Márcio Lopes, iOS Consultant at Infosistema, analyses the introduction of Swift in the applicational development and it’s adoption by the companies.


Angelini Pharmacovigilance

Angelini Pharmacovigilance – Infosistema developed for Angelini a Pharmacovigilance solution based on Outsystems technology.

Information Systems

Information Systems Performance

Information Systems Performance – The financial sector in Portugal has a satisfactory level of maturity in Information Technologies (I.T.) and adequacy to the problems and needs of the business.


Alignment between Information Systems and Business Strategy

Jorge Pereira, José Martins, Vítor Santos and Ramiro Gonçalves published a study entitled “CRUDi framework proposal: financial industry application”

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