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You can download Infosistema DMM directly from this page or from OutSystems Forge.

If you download directly from this page please read the modules and libraries dependencies note to ensure you have all necessary components in the release notes page.

If you download from OutSystems Forge it will detect automatically the necessary components.

We are making available also the future production release for early testing of the upcoming features improvements and changes. The upcoming features are listed also in the release notes page.

Download Binaries

StatusFromVersionRelease NotesDownload
GAOutSystems Forge4.0.0Release notesOutSystems Forge

DMM Webinar

Data Import into OutSystems PaaS Cloud from Legacy Apps

June 17th, at 04:00 PM GMT+1

Download DMM on OutSystems Forge

Other Components

  • Audit Register

    Create, manage and report audits and logs for OutSystems entities. A must have for compliance.

  • CoE (Center of Excellence)

    Dashboard creation component can be dynamically configurable and associated with the user profile.